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Good morning! With the new mini-bead colors released I am now opening up for mini-bead commissions (also known as Micro-Bead or HD-Bead). Why am I having a sale? Because I need more examples! I will be offering only 2 mini-bead commission slots at 50% off the normal pricing. This is being posted on ALL the sites I post art on and it will be the first 2 requests total (not 2 per site). So get the request in fast! Good luck and I look forward to working with you. (^__^)/

Example: Full Sized Head shot + Shipping quote of $50.00, you only pay $25.00 total.


  • CURRENT WATCHERS ONLY!!!! This is a sale for my CURRENT watchers only. If you aren't already watching me then the sale doesn't apply to you. However I may do this again in the future so now would be a good time to start watching. wink

  • First 2 commissions requests to be received via Personal Note / Personal Message / Email. Commenting on this post doesn't qualify for one of the slots.

  • Standard commission process will begin once sale is complete.

  • There are limited bead colors with mini beads, please refer to the mini-bead color palette here before requesting to ensure the colors you want are available:

  • This sale applies to MINI-BEAD commissions only, normal size beads are still at normal pricing.

  • Shipping outside the US will still be additional, discount will only be applied to the cost of commission if you live outside the continental USA. (Example: Full Head Shot @ $45 + Shipping outside the US estimated @ $10 = $45 with the 50% off + $10 shipping totaling $32.50.)

  • Additional shipping options will also be standard pricing, the basic shipping is via USPS with tracking. If you'd like insurance or rushed shipping the 50% discount will NOT apply to additional shipping requests.

  • Current Maximum board size I have available for mini-beads is 58 pixels X 58 pixels, current commissions will be a maximum of that size for this sale.

  • I will comment and edit this post once slots are filled. However, if I exceed the amount of requests before I am able to post that the sale is closed I will use time stamps on the requests and contact the 2 people that I recieved requests from first. If either declines or pulls out I will move to the following request.

  • If I receive a large amount of requests before I am able to close the sale I will post a list on all sites with names to be transparent about who requested, when they requested and where they requested on to be fair to everyone that is interested.

If you have any questions or comments please let me know and I will answer them as quickly as possible, but please get the request in before waiting for my reply, if I can't accommodate your request I will reopen the sale or move to the following request.

Good luck (^__^)/

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    LUCIFUR and KodaFox scooped up the 2 slots pretty quickly, gratz to you two!! I will be sending notes to those that didn't make it in time, please note that if either of them change their mind I will contact in order that I received the requests.

    Keep an eye out for possible additional sales in the future if I need more examples of a particular type. :)