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Mini-Bead Color Palette by KiyoPi

Mini-Bead Color Palette


4 April 2016 at 16:46:13 MDT


PRICING SHEET: (or in my gallery on this site)

I have, after several days of failed attempts, found a way to melt the mini-beads in the same "Kiyo Pi Perler" fashion as the normal sized Perler beads. Being around 1/3 the size, many things had to be changed in my process. But I have found a way to get that perfect flat melt on one side while maintaining the bead melt on the other side. They are almost as strong as my normal sized beads, although being almost 1/2 as thick I would suggest not bending them in half or running them over with a car like I have the normal sized ones. More along the lines of almost in half and motorcycle. ;) lol

Here's all the colors they currently offer (I will get more as they are released). They will be the same cost as normal sized perler. Even-though the beads are slightly cheaper, they take upwards of twice as long to set. Thus, same pricing scheme as shown here:

Commissions are open and if you don't see something listed please don't hesitate to ask me a question. (^__^)/

Pixel Art by: Toradoshi or Kiyo Pi
Perler & Melt by: Kiyo Pi
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