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Welcome to the user page of Kitsunuki Studios!

Owned and maintained by William R. Syreson and Hoshi Kitsunuki.


Please note: There is more artwork featured on our main FA account (tsukikitsunetanuki) than on this one. So if you are looking for a more expansive portfolio, click on the FurAffinity profile.

We are professional artists that have been in service of the furry community since mid 2009.

Since that time we have generated hundreds of commissions, kept in good standing with our clients and done our best to keep everyone satisfied with the work we do for a living.

We greatly appreciate every comment, favorite and watch-- even if we don't reply. Each and every one of them are read and received with gratitude.

Thank you for the years of support from all our clients. Were it not for you, we wouldn't have such a wonderful occupation.

Latest Journal

Art site updates galore!

Good afternoon, everyone!

We're updating a bunch of very outdated site information all across the board. For a while now, it's been pretty tough to manage to post anywhere but to the FA account. With all the different sites and their coding, the things they required for making tags and format has been difficult to keep up with. We're making the effort to get all our regular sites up to date, plus one that's new! We've also freshly joined FurryLife.Online as well!

While we're not inclined to reupload all our old content to the new site, we are starting with where we left off with a lot of the others. And what are they, you might ask? Well. Here's a list in case you're interested in finding us elsewhere!


** Please note, Facebook page still exists, however we are no longer updating or using the site at this current time.

Cheers and thank you for your watching and support!

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    My name is Miss Rita, I saw your profile and called my attention to write you. I would like you to communicate me through my email address



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      I don't really do email. I never check it. Site notes are the best way to get in touch with me. They are the only things I check every day.

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    You have some amazing work!! And an amazing style!!

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      Ooh you're too kind! Thank you! I am glad you like my work!

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        No worries, you have a really smooth and unique style, may have to commission you some stuff soon when I get my first few pays from work. C:

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          I will certainly be around. I am nearly always open for commissions since it's my main occupation. Slamming out art is a major part of my day. XD

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            Aww you're lucky! C:
            Wish I could get more people commissioning me but I guess I just need to keep practicing and to get better at it C:

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              Practice is important, yeah. The faster at it you get, the more you can produce. Just keep drawin'! <3