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FurpokeSonas ~ 02 - 869 ~ Dacquremie by KitsunukiStudios

FurpokeSonas ~ 02 - 869 ~ Dacquremie


The second of our new commission concept-- FurpokeSonas! Pokemon and fursona fusions!

This one is for the wonderful corqren A good friend of ours and one of the sweetest little critters you'll ever meet!

A fusion of her character Dacquoise Tart and the pokemon Alcremie!

If you're interested in getting one of your own Furpokesona Fusions, check out the price guide:

Characters © corqren / Game Freak/Nintedo

Original reference art for Dacquoise Tart ©

Reference art belongs to the respective owners/creators of the original visual references. We claim no ownership over the provided reference materials.

Art © Kitsunuki Studios - William R. Syreson / Hoshi Kitsunuki

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