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Please artist lets us know. new or repost?

Ok, I joined Weasly to follow artist i been following on Fa and well some of you who have been posting are doing things in a way where I can tell if its new stuff or old stuff, because of either a time-stamp on the art itself, something in the submission details saying old art or the time it was drawn or putting it into a folder titled old art. That is helpful. Well that leaves many who are not doing such things.

Now I know some are uploading all or parts of their FA gallery, but well I wish if it was new art and maybe if you one of those who left FA for here and not returning , it would be nice to know what is really new and what is not. It would make it more helpful since i rather not load each folder i keep for an artist i follow into an image duplicate finder every week or month to find out. After all visipics is good but it takes time and can freeze sometimes.

So too all artists who see this Please let us know if it is an older piece or brand new, and please spread the word. After all I doubt i am the only one who created an account here to follow your new submissions.

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    Thank you very much for the watch! ♥

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    Thanks for the watch!

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    Wow, sorry I was so away from this account ^^; Thanks a lot for watching, I'll try to keep this place more alive.

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    Thanks for watching me! I really appreciate it! :3

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    Thanks for following me.

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    thanks for watching me ^^

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    Thanks for following!

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    Thanks For Watching! keep it kool!