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Reunion at the Arcade by KiRAWRa

Reunion at the Arcade


So I've been stockpiling 90's aesthetic OC's on Art Fight for the last 5 years with the intent of making a big group picture, and just haven't been able to get around to it.. until now!!
All of these OCs were actually drawn individually, so everybody got a fullbody drawing (since many characters are kind of obscured and crammed in here).

I'm seriously so happy I finally got to do this massive retro eyestrain monstrosity, featuring 21 characters:

Velocirapper for Klaora
DJ the Updog for SomeOtherStranger
Rave Sauce for Bramfire
Vaporwave for Mako_rimu
Rad for remivalism
Casper for rangerkatt
Arcade for SleepyChi
Rkade for fuzzywyrmz
MIPS for flamehorse200
Bret for HybridStarscapes
Poppy for croffee
Arcade Fire for Coron_Whiteback
Arcadia for Dsadragon
Debbie for littlemossleaf
Anna for raipop
Sssynthz for Ferwildir
Arcade Carpet for nightmareina
Ret for pioieit
Memphis for werebeast
Fidget for stickerthecat
Addison for boydrugs

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    that's so cool! ^-^

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      Thank you! ♥

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        no problemo! ^w^