Yggdrasil - Wire Tree by KiRAWRa

Yggdrasil - Wire Tree


31 May 2019 at 02:31:14 MDT

One of the 14 wire trees I made this past Christmas as gifts for my friends and family. I like to try new crafts every year around the holidays, and wire wrapping seemed like something quick to learn with very elegant results!

This was the first tree I made, which ended up being for my Secret Santa on Aywas who said they were very into mythology, occult, and spiritual-based things. I thought making a Yggdrasil would be the perfect theme for a wire tree, with added star beads representing branches reaching into heaven. I dug into my charm box and was even able to find a tiny dragon to serve as a little Níðhöggr!

I really love result of this wire tree, and I hope my Secret Santa giftee did too!

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