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Pixel Rats: Natural Colors by KiRAWRa

Pixel Rats: Natural Colors


Pixel ratties!
These are bases I created for an avatar widget I have installed on my Twitch channel: KiRAWRart.
Anyone who gives a +Follow to my channel will get their own little ratty! You can choose its color, earn points to buy accessories, and control it with commands as it walks around my screen while I'm streaming. It's such a cute little widget and definitely makes me want to stream more just to see a bunch of rats all over my screen haha.

I'm actually so incredibly proud of how these little guys came out, because I am not good at pixel art and never have been, lol. I'll also be posting some gifs showing the actual animations, so look forward to that!

By pledging as little as $1 you can help support my art and get access to more content over on Patreon!
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    These are so cute on their own, and that widget sounds ADORABLE.

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      Thank you! The widget is really fun, you can make whatever little characters you want!