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Squishable Rat Plush: Vote to Make it Real! by KiRAWRa

Squishable Rat Plush: Vote to Make it Real!


Edit: THANK YOU SO MUCH for voting! This design WON! You are all amazing! Please go to the [voting link] and enter in your email to be notified when this plushie is done being made! :D

I'm very excited to finally reveal this design! This is my entry into the Squishable "OpenSquish" voting project. Squishable is a plushie-making company that also hosts user-submitted designs to be voted on and potentially created as real plushies. Designs can only ever be submitted once and you only have 2 weeks to vote, so this is my one shot to make this plush a reality! Please give it a high vote of 5 to help create squishable ratties for all! [Link]

You will need to register an account in order to vote, but I guarantee you will not regret doing so because Squishable has some of the CUTEST plushies I've ever seen and regularly releases new designs. I was gifted a Squishable plush for Christmas and it is so fluffy and soft I will totally vouch for the quality of their products. Please help my design be a success! If you have friends, family, or followers who might be interested in rats or plushies, please let them know! Feel free to spread the word and share the voting page on your social media n.n ♥

[Vote Here!]

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