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Squishable Rat Update!! by KiRAWRa

Squishable Rat Update!!


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One year ago, you all helped me turn [this design] into a winner with your votes, and finally there is an update!
Above is a preview of the first prototype plushie design - I am so excited for this thing, it is SO cute I just want to cry! ;o; ♥
If you would like to be notified when this plushie becomes available, just input your email [here]!

Did you make this?
I designed the plushie, but it is being made/manufactured by
Is it for sale?
It will be! Just sign up with your email [here] to be notified right when it goes on sale!
Can you edit/customize this?
The manufacturing of this plushie is being handled completely by and is considered their property - I have no input in the creation process other than the initial winning design!
Is this what the final product will look like?
No, this is just the first prototype! I was so excited to see it finally being worked on, I wanted to share the news right away! I will post further updates as soon as I receive them.
When will it be finished?
I am not involved in the production process, so I don't know! It has taken a year just to finally see this prototype.
PLEASE NOTE: This prototype does not guarantee the plushie will be ready soon, or even at all! I have seen designs on Squishable get "shelved" for years even after the prototype is made, if they aren't happy with it. I sincerely hope that doesn't happen with my Sleepy Rat, but it is completely out of my hands. Please consider submitting your email [here] to let Squishable know you're interested in this plushie! They will probably be more inclined to finish this design if lots of people are waiting for it. ♥

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