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Spelunking - Eskchange 2018 by KiRAWRa

Spelunking - Eskchange 2018


4 January 2019 at 19:35:06 MST

My gift for Muscah of their esk, Keho (#339), for the Secret Santa Eskchange at ThoseWhoWentMissing!
Terribly sorry for being late with my submission - I got sick over the holiday break and it didn't help how ambitious I got with this picture... but I hope it was worth the wait and that you had a lovely Christmas and New Year, Muscah! ♥

My first thought when signing up for the Eskchange was to draw an interaction with my esk, Daffodil, but upon getting my assignment, that idea went quickly out the window considering Daff would be no larger than one of this Esk's mushrooms XD
I imagine Keho loves his boundary and knows all the best spots to hang out in, but I also wanted to depict how a massive esk like this would find it frustrating to be confined to such a space for several decades. How might Keho react if he encountered an adventurous spelunker? :0

Just for fun, I put together [a GIF] of WIP shots showing how I painted this image c:

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Image Point Totals: 102AP, 26GP
+10AP, 4GP - Shaded Illustration
+5AP, 2GP - Full Body
+20AP, 6GP - Scenic Background
+1AP, 1GP - Enchantment
+5AP - Personal Work
+10AP - Other Esk
x2 Holiday Eskchange Bonus
Esk are a closed species by witherlings and part of the ThoseWhoWentMissing ARPG


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    Wowww this is gorgeous! <3

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      Thank you! Definitely took many hours, haha ♥