Esk 717 - Daffodil by KiRAWRa

Esk 717 - Daffodil


22 March 2018 at 02:12:32 MDT

I did it! I got my own esk! :D I wasn't planning on claiming a flower from the nursery (I wanted a berry or a tree or something), but the daffodil is my favorite flower and no one else seemed to want to claim it, so I figured I probably wouldn't get a better chance.

Daffodil is a mischievous esk - often taking and hiding objects, running rambunctious, and being a general nuisance to those around her.
When her targets begin to lose patience, Daffodil simply feigns innocence, using her cuteness to her advantage so that almost none have the heart to chastise her.
Daffodil has no memories of her previous life or how she became an esk, but she has an endless supply of curiosity and an adventurous spirit. It is not uncommon to see her exploring far beyond her boundary or ending up away from home after chasing after another esk.

Things unknown to Daffodil:
Her boundary is that of a Victorian-era florist shop, when the sending of bouquets began to spread throughout Europe as flower language gained popularity. Daffodil was most likely a rodent that found its way into the floral shop and was trapped or killed.

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Image Point Totals: 25AP 8GP
-Shaded Illustration - 10AP 4GP
-Full Body - 5AP 2GP
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-Personal Work - 5AP
Esk are a closed species by Witherlings and part of the ThoseWhoWentMissing ARPG


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    What, exactly, is an esk?

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      It's a closed species made by Witherlings on DeviantArt. They're like ghostly spirits, and you can customize and grow them by earning points, drawing, and participating in the group. You can learn all about them at the TWWM group