Rescreatu: Blessed Meiko by KiRAWRa

Rescreatu: Blessed Meiko


22 December 2018 at 05:16:51 MST

Behold, the second pet I drew for Res! XD
The Meiko is a creatu that lives on Reiflem, the planet of fire. Creatu can (currently) only be blessed by their home planet, and so only come in one elemental form. An interesting little tidbit is that this pet has bit of an inconsistency with its wing design, depending on the graphic! The original Meiko has a wing membrane that stops at the 'elbow', as shown here, but xeeroh once did a redraw/revamp of the pet and extended the membrane all the way down to the body (she always seemed super salty about that design choice, hahaha!). The revamped graphics did not replace the on-site ones though, they're only used for newer Meiko colorations like Achro and Opal! So take a closer look at your pet Meiko and see what kind of wings it has :D

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    Consider the membrane a special mutation that comes with special colors x3
    Still, this looks snazzy, thank you for sharing :3

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      Haha, it would be neat if more creatu came with "natural variations" or something simliar like that!
      THanks! n.n