Biker Elk (SOLD) by KiRAWRa

Biker Elk (SOLD)


17 November 2018 at 04:43:00 MST

So this ridiculous design entered my brain one night, and in drawing what was supposed to be a hardcore metalhead biker stag turned out, in actuality, to have some pretty strong (unintentional) BDSM overtones. It's so hilarious and over the top I absolutely love him, but I feel like there's just no way I could do a character like this justice.
Knowing that, I am open to selling him. Feel free to make offers - (USD, $100+ pls)

Edit: Sold! This character now belongs to CloverCoin

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    Bad ass!

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      THank you!

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    Mafia Moose: "Dat wudn't very nice." *closes door * . "'z can't leave."

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      hahaha, don't want to get yourself into trouble with this one!

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    Those antlers are so creative. Love this dude!

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      Thanks so much!