Messier 31 by KiRAWRa

Messier 31


16 August 2018 at 16:04:13 MDT

Andromeda for heartlessspade
Found this character on their ToyHouse and oh boy they fit right in with my vibrant neon style I've been doing for these headshots!

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    This has a really cool wooshy woosh feeling, and also kind of a "jelly" feel to it, too. (Like pb&j jelly).

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      Haha, I can definitely see what you mean!

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    I have a very very soft spot for space related art. Especially with anthros. This is yet again another beautiful piece by you! I can't stop looking at it! <3

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      Thank you! ♥
      Look forward to my future posts as I did quite a few space-related ones haha