Innot and Corrut by KiRAWRa

Innot and Corrut


23 May 2018 at 00:21:45 MDT

Meet Innot and Corrut, my two new (lesbian) unicorn OCs! ♥
After drawing my most recent [wristband design] I still had unicorns on the brain, and couldn't help thinking up a couple new characters.

They are both feminists that fight against the concept of "virginity" that unicorns have been tied to for centuries. Virginity commodifies women and shames men, so they're here to set the record straight in the name of all unicorns!
(Check out [this short article] if that sounds new or confusing to you) c:

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    I’m a big feminist!!

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      I think you will like art with these girls in it then! :D

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    God I love your horse designs! Looks so amazing <3

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      Thank you so much! I tend to favor the more goaty, traditional unicorn styles

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    Feminism is retarded

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      wow thanks for your opinion, no one asked for it!