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Sketchy Deer by KiRAWRa

Sketchy Deer


14 December 2017 at 15:15:56 MST

Just a 'lil sketch I did for Fluffy (#8) on Aywas for a pet trade. Slender unicorn-like equines with elegant long tails are my favorite ♥


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    the great linework really stands out in this style!!

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      Thank you so much! I'm getting to really like doing flat sketches like this for that reason! I'm very particular about my lineart but most of the time I feel like it gets obscured by shading and color

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    I love the level of detail and the compact composition!

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      Thank you! ♥

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    Wow, really loving this one! The linework is great. It really adds a textured look to all the fluffy bits. And despite the simple sketchy nature of the shading, it really works wonders at adding a sense of depth.

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      Ah thank you! I've been trying to really hone my sketching style as a potential option for commissions and I definitely like where its going