Radioactive ArtySkunk by KiRAWRa

Radioactive ArtySkunk


7 August 2017 at 03:23:38 MDT

Radioactive-style commission from BLFC for ArtySkox on FA. I couldn't help but do the awesome spotted skunk threat display pose for this one!


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    omg the pose is great, what kind of threat display is that? it looks like a "ready to party" display bwahaha

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      Thank you! Hahaha, it's the awesome display of the spotted skunk! Skunks are pretty well known for their tail-raised warning, but the spotty has to one-up all the others and do a handstand!

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        I mean, it sure gets people's attention! I'd think it would probably draw a crowd instead of getting people to go away, though,

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          Hahaha a soon-to-be-stinky crowd