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( //7// )/ w e l c o m e ~ !

  • Female // 20's // In love with my electronics and bishie cyborgs ♥
  • im new to this site feel free to PM me some tips with genuine rabu
  • will post alot of sketches to help improve and find my ideal style

This acc is mostly for scraps & sketches♥

Latest Journal

Sorry for the Hiatus

I was gone along while, dealing with personal things. I'm back for a while longer with stuff to do:

  • finishing keychain/cellphone project.
  • chibi coms starting at $3 (if your oc has just basic bottoms and top clothing only.) ( $5 Depending if your oc is as cluttered as a gaia online character with sparkles,wings,halos,pet,bg effects all in the same image..)
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Full color

from $ 3.00
to $ 3.00

Sketchy / Lineart


  • will draw accepted rating:
    General ⇒ Moderate
    Weasyl conten guide lines
  • all pictures will be on a 512x512 canvas
  • if you have any Q's, feel free to PM (msg) me!

How to order

  • Pay pal only
  • PM (msg) the following:
    Gender: female / male
    Type 1: Couple/Single character
    Ref sheet: Link a picture of your characters here
    P r i c e: (how much your paying)


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      yeeep! your art is so cute!

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    Thank you for following me!
    I really appreciate it ; ///// u ////// ;

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      no prob~!♥

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    thank you for the follow!! * 0 * <33

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    Thanks for watching me ;; your art is really pretty!

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      thanks & no problem~♥