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Tektoko, Tenji by Kipkei

Tektoko, Tenji


Tektoko, Tenji

★Name: Tektoko, Tenji :iconsaysplz: you must be lvl 20 to date me. (even if your moe it will be hard to steal his hearto, wont hurt to try though.)


★Year: Second

★Division: Chaser


Ø Chain Machine: Tenji can hit a command button on his laptop or phone to send out electric waves to the remnants. These waves surround the remnants and force it to stay still for only a certain amount of time. Cool time is around 30 minutes.

★Club/Sport: Homework, Track

★Voice: 16:21…


° Tsundere
° Messy
° Irritable
° Self-centered
° Fearless
° Helpful
° Racist


★ Fixing/ Upgrading His electronics
★ Indoors
★ Shojo mangas (but he doesn't own any.Thus online manga)
★ Moe things/people
★ FPS over MMORPG's (but he plays both)
★ Techno & Trance music (IA)

✖ Te-Te Kun/Chan & being called by his first name.(tenji.)
✖ fangirls
✖ Americans
✖ anything around his neck (ex. necklaces, turtlenecks, scarfs, ties)
✖ Rap & Pop music

Tenji is the son of the struggling Tektoko couple. The Tektoko couple were happy with each other. They were simply highs school sweethearts that believed they could be together forever. The two graduate from high school and went to college. Though, Tenji’s mother was the only one that finished college. Tenji’s father dropped out of college and tried to start his own business. He used his wife’s money, to the point where the couple was bankrupt. It was at that time that Tenji was born. Tenji’s mother stayed with her husband because she thought it would be best for Tenji.
Life went on, Tenji’s mother had gotten a job as a technician but his father was still goofing around, getting drunk and gambling.
When Tenji was 7, he noticed his father coming home with different women. It was frightening to know that his father was betraying his mother. Eventually Tenji’s mother found out and divorced him. She knew about his habits, and his drinking problems but she never expected him to cheat on her. Tenji’s father proved himself to be worthless and dependent. Though, despite the two divorcing, Tenji’s father pleaded for forgiveness and tried to have an excuse for his behavior but Tenji and his mother knew that he was lying. It wasn’t long before Tenji’s mother was hired at Asteri Island. The two of them moved to Asteri Island and began to move towards a brighter future.

It wasn’t long before Tenji began to play around with his mother’s technician tools. At the age of 8 he began to play around with the computer and tearing it a part. Of course his mother was furious but she began to see a potential with his skill. It was obvious that the boy was talented with machinery. When Tenji turned 10, he was suddenly given a cell phone by his mother. She said that it was from the government and that kids his age were required to have one. Of course he played around with it, until he pressed the asterisk. Nothing happened though Until he built his first laptop. The boy built the laptop with no trouble but he was building something else he didn’t know how to make. He knew exactly where to put the parts and how to connect to internet router but he didn’t expect that he was also building a tracker. When his laptop started the screen lit up a map of the city, and there were little black dots roaming the area. His phone activated and he suddenly saw the remnants. It was frightening for him at first but the power of his star guided him.

Time had passed and Tenji was informed of the stars power and the remnants. When he was 15, he was invited to join Star Crown High and be apart of the Chaser division. The boy immediately enrolled and his mother was extremely proud of him. But Tenji felt guilty for not telling her about the star power, or the remnants. He kept it a secret to her, because he didn't want to go through the hardships that he was facing. As time passed, Tenji had past his first year with flying colors. He trained and perfected his powers of chasing and capturing remnants hoping to keep his mom safe from the dangers of the dark stars.

★Quote: ❝..I guess I could help you..when I'm not busy that is.❞

✧ He has both ears pierced.
✧ His glasses are fake. He has good vision but he feels safer with them on. (only time he doesn't wear them is in his bed room.)
✧ He tends to look at his neko phone charm alot when he's upset/sad. It makes him feel better. (when he is alone that is)
✧ He does not really care about his hair. So he spikes the top with Gatsby hair wax in a lazy manner(ex. just ruffles his hair around till it looks how he wanted it to)

Character Information