Personal art: Candy and KJ on a GBA cover by kino jaggernov

Personal art: Candy and KJ on a GBA cover

kino jaggernov

25 February 2017 at 15:42:56 MST

So, because I'm feeling pretty rough and my commissions are kind of stumping me, I decided that rather than just sit around going all derpfaced and not doing anything productive, it'd be better to refocus my efforts on getting some other things done that inspired me. Recently, I've been streaming with Candymare, and since most of the folks I stream with often end up with some kind of gift art, I decided to Pokemonize her character into a rapidash for a little world building in the GBA universe. Her flaming mane was a challenge to make look right, but I think I got the right mix of style and appearance.

My namesake/marysue character, Kina Jardine, is 36 in the comic, and the new head coach of the Sapphire Gym. As it goes in her story, she was part of the big revolution in the Genus Battle Academy, where traditional martial arts were combined with special abilities to devastating effect, leading the Sapphire Gym to their first national championship. However, before she really gained any lasting success in the Genus Battle League, she took a match she wasn't ready for and received a permanent injury to her spine that forced her out of the ring, though she never formally retired. Still a fighter at heart, she tries to keep her new Sapphires from making the same mistakes she did. She was extremely young when she entered the League, and Candy is playing the part of the 2000 season's star forward fighter. In case you're wondering why Candy is standing normally and KJ is crouched, it's because Candy is usually short for a rapidash and KJ is unusually big for a mudsdale. In the Randochris comic commission I did, KJ wasn't in the foreground, she just did indeed grow about 2 feet from her previous mudbray size ;3

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    These fighting mag covers are always a lot of fun.