Overdue gifty art for Ebonyleopard by kino jaggernov

Overdue gifty art for Ebonyleopard

kino jaggernov

6 February 2017 at 20:05:20 MST

Okay, so Ebonyleopard on FA is one of the first furry artists whose work I was introduced to. As some of you know, I was taught how to draw furries by a friend who has since left the furry fandom. I was also exposed to that friend's favorite artists, and EB's work is one of the first that I saw back in 2009. More specifically, my friend showed me some old Extinctioners comics from back in the day.
However, it was really his PCA series that caught me by surprise and inspired me to start work on a comic of my own with a Pokemon-like (Not -exactly- Pokemon, cause I don't wanna get in trouble with the Big N) theme.
So, I wanted to get this done by Christmas, but things spiraled out of control after I got sick shortly after I opened commissions. But hey, it's done now, and I didn't even let him know I was gonna do it until like, last week XD

So here it is, EB's Peter "Stunner" Pikans, all grown up and in the Genus Battle League universe. Aaaaaaaaaaaabs. Yeah, I know, he would probably ACTUALLY be in his Raichu form, as would Zeni, but the first time I saw them was as their base forms, so that's what I used. Nyah! Hope you like, EB!

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