Bongo Popple Gif Commission by KingRagnarok

Bongo Popple Gif Commission


27 November 2018 at 14:17:54 MST

A bongo sona YCH for @/Khoufu on Telegram, turned into a gif! I love drawing interesting characters.

Artwork by me, KingRagnarok.
Materials: iPad Mini, Procreate app, & QKEVI TouchPen
Please do not trace, recolor, alter, or claim any of my artworks/characters/creations as your own!
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-King Ragnarok


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    OH. MY. GOSH. A POPPLE!!!! It's my childhood!!!! :o

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      Yay!! I'm glad someone else recognized one!!! :D

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        They turned inside out to become a fluffy ball--you can never forget those things! tee-hee

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    Awwww, I love Popples!!!! I haven't seen them in years! I used to watch their cartoon back in the '80s. They were very cute, funny, and mischievious.

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      Hurray! I'm glad you enjoy them as well! Little fuzzballs of fun!

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        This one looks kind of like Puffball. She was one of my favorites, along with Pancake and Potato Chip.