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The Golden Week - Page 001 3rd anniversary edition by kimmykun

The Golden Week - Page 001 3rd anniversary edition


14 July 2015 at 17:53:45 MDT

As someone pointed out the other day, the Golden Week comic had it's third anniversary just now (!) and I should've celebrated it in some way.

Since I was feeling all comicky (?) and wanted to experiment further with Manga Studio, I've decided to redo the very first page of the comic in it.

This is how I would've done the first page with all the expertise and knowledge I have today, but then again, I wouldn't have all this expertise and knowledge if I hadn't done everything I've did thus far.

Doing this comic and watching TV series taught me a lot about storytelling and presentation, in here, I introduce the main character (no narration, please) and even without any actual text, I believe you can deduce he's stuck in this piece he's writing and will take a walk to clear his mind (also, meet a dog and have a fight with his roommate, but anyway).

It makes me sad though that I'm lacking in the background part (that fourth frame is a real treat, but that's about it in this page), so, I think I'll be practicing it VERY HARD from now on.

You can see the original first page here:

Either way, hope you all enjoy it. :)

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