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New Rewards to TGW's Patreon campaign by kimmykun

New Rewards to TGW's Patreon campaign


15 June 2015 at 09:29:57 MDT

Hello everyone, big news coming to my Patreon page! =D

For those that don’t know, Patreon is a platform where you continuously pledge money to support me and my projects and I’ll supply you with rewards depending on how much you’re pledging.
You pledge any amount of money per week and if you want, you can limit the amount you are giving per month.
And when the community as a whole reach a certain amount of pledges, I’ll update the program to reward everyone! (eg. By reaching 250$ in pledges, I’ll begin posting two pages per week).

I am beginning a schedule that you people can easily follow, showing what good things you will earn by being a patron and supporting the comic.

On MONDAYS, I will be posting sketches, but this time, I won’t post just Golden Week sketches, I will post all my unfinished drawings, side projects and whatnots that so you can give me your opinion about those as well. (Only for 5$ patrons)

On WEDNEDAYS, I will post an early scan of the current week’s page, so you can see the page and part of the work that goes into it. (Only for 5$ patrons)

On FRIDAYS, I will post the newest comic page (Patreon currently is 10 pages ahead compared to the official site releases). In addition, this is available for every Patron, no matter how much you are pledging!

NEW – Through the week, any day from MONDAY to THURSDAY, I will be drawing the comic and streaming it live, so you can watch me work on the comic in real time. (Available for all patrons) ¹

NEW – On SATURDAYS, I’ll post a time-lapse video of the whole comic process, if you couldn’t follow the comic being made during the week, due to time zone differences or because you were busy, you can watch an abridged version of the making of that I’ll post every Saturday. (Only for 5$ patrons) ²

NEW – ONCE A MONTH, probably on a SATURDAY or SUNDAY, I will host a live stream for everyone, where I will talk to you guys, answer questions and make sketches. Moreover, even if you are not a patron, you can still watch and participate! However, the sketches I will be doing are of patrons who support me! No matter how much you are pledging, you are eligible to earn a sketch that I will be doing in these monthly shows. ³

Moreover, there are still the rewards that do not follow a schedule, and these are:

  • Your name in the THANK YOU page – no matter how much you are pledging, you are still awesome for believing in me and supporting both the comic and my art, and your name will go down in the official site as a supporter and on the printed book when a new one releases.

  • PDF comic – Whenever I finish a new issue of the comic, it takes a while to spellcheck and send to the publisher for publishing, but I will be releasing a digital version of the comic, including the extras exclusive to the printed version. (Only for 10$ patrons)

  • Free comic issue – Whenever it prints, I will personally send you a copy of the newest issue, shipping price included! (Only for 25$ patrons)

  • Paw written thank you letter – Together with the comic issue, I will also send you a paw written thank you letter. (Only for 25$ patrons)

For more details:
+¹ Starting June 29th, I still have to buy a webcam and test various streaming sites to find the best one.
+² I have already started these, the first couple of videos does not contain any intro, outro or sound, depending on your feedback, and I might change that.
+³ Starting later on July, I will randomly chose a few patrons to receive a free sketch and I will mail them for preferences and references two weeks in advance. If there is no answer in time, I will choose new patrons. In addition, the stream date and time will be announced with at least a week in advance and it will most probably be during late Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays.

I think that that is all, everyone.
I hope you people like these new rewards and let me know if there is anything else you would like to see as a reward.
Other than that, thank you very much for your support through all this time and do not forget, the comic is making its third anniversary in July! =D

Become a patron today!

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