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Blind Box Toys 3 - Lost Kitties by KibaTheDemonicWolf

Blind Box Toys 3 - Lost Kitties


Thank you to Kirona the Dragryph for buying this one - here is the 3rd of currently 8 lost kitties blind boxes I say currently sense I do have some more lost kitties blind boxes in my amazon wishlist so I could end up with more, but I also have some other blind boxes thrown in there so it just really depends on what other people buy sense I currently have no "extra" money lately like all my extra has to be tucked back for things I'm not okay with making public until I know there going to be fine cause I'm horrible like that lol also hilariously my favorite part of this drawing is I really like how the hamburger turned out, I almost never draw food so I'm pretty proud with how that turned out an remember to stay tuned if you wanna see the next 5 lost kitties blind box drawings!

here's these posts if you want to check out the photos of the toy the drawing is based on

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No money? no problem, please leave a nice comment to help me out! :3