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Blind Box Toys 2 - Lost Kitties by KibaTheDemonicWolf

Blind Box Toys 2 - Lost Kitties


Thank you to Kirona the Dragryph for buying this one - this was my second lost kitties blind box back when I was still doing youtube videos (I included the original drawing I did to on the instagram and twitter posts if you wanna check that out along with the pics of the toy) I decided to redraw this one and the 1st one I had original done as videos sense the youtube videos are no longer available and I just thought it'd be a good way to start off the new blind box series. (I have 8 of these in total btw and the drawings are all finished so stay tuned cause they get a lot cuter as I warm up this one and the 1st one aren't as great as I would've hoped for, but I did them when I was first getting out of my really bad burn out so I'm cutting myself some slack.)

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