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Blind Box Toys 4 - Lost Kitties by KibaTheDemonicWolf

Blind Box Toys 4 - Lost Kitties


Thank you to Kirona the Dragryph for buying this one - wont lie I love this toy, my favorite color is green so this one is just great to me and I feel the drawing turned out pretty alright to so win win! an with this one being our 4th where half way through our currently 8 lost kitties (I say currently sense I do have some more lost kitties blind boxes in my amazon wishlist so I could end up with more if people buy some like I don't like to say exact numbers if there's a possibility of more being added on later cause of something like that) but moving on as always if you wanna see the last 4 of the current blindbox drawings stay tuned!

(If you want to see a picture of the blind box toy check out the instagram or twitter post)
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