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artist tile: tiny blitz by keirajo

artist tile: tiny blitz


15 May 2015 at 09:33:06 MDT

I got a pack of 4"x4" artist tile with a package of Bristol paper I'd purchased some time back. When I draw small...sometimes I'm good, sometimes it could be better, sometimes it's a fail. Because the paper's fairly thick vellum Bristol it eats markers fast--so I colored the batch of these that I did with my "background markers" (my off-brands like Artist's Loft and The Fine Touch), mainly. There's 10 Pokemon-themed ones in all...I'll only post one per day. :)

A mini-Blitzle to love and hug. :D

Pokemon belongs to Nintendo/GameFreak.

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    It's so cute!

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      Isn't it??? Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!! :D

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    All of these artist tiles are wonderfully done! I dunno what you're talking about with you failing to draw small sometimes- all odf these are amazing!!!

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      Awwwww! Thanks so much! I appreciate it! :)

      The ball pit one, I think, could have been better...and the Shaymin one that I'm posting later are the two I was least happiest with......... chuckle

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    I knew I wanted Blitzle the first time I played White version. I love the concept of that pokemon. This is super cute!

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      My friend loved Blitzle and Emolga the most from the B/W series, she said she caught dozens of them "just because"! chuckle

      Thanks so much! :D

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    @.@ a teacup lightning zebra..I wantses one.