MerMay Keira-Jo by keirajo

MerMay Keira-Jo


27 May 2020 at 16:18:32 MDT

Using my human form version of my Echidna-sona, Keira-Jo..........I decided to use her to make a MerMay piece of my own.

I seriously need a proper scanner back, this phone photo thing is not consistently reliable. Then again, I don't have the great lighting of my workplace, either, right home lighting is not very great, which is why I normally take photos at work. shakes head

At least I can say I participated this year! XD

Keira-Jo is my OC. :)

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    I like her! I like the retro anime hair.

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      It took a lot of brainstorming to make her Echidna look translate into a human--keeping her hair and fur colors separate seemed to be a natural thing to do! :)

      Thanks so much! She is my very oldest of "fursonas" and the name I use online--I wound up giving her a human form a few years ago because so many people complained about "I can't draw Sonic characters" whenever I used to do art swaps. XD

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        Aww man, Sonic is how I learned how to draw! I wasn't very good at it... XD But it's the effort that counts! I remember tracing the comics and then once I got on DA people gave me good critiques. :) I can try to draw her if you like!

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          The older Archie Comics are what really solidified my Sonic fandom (I didn't like it for many issues when Penders took over as editor and they forced a weird "anime style" out of artists--it looked hurried and unfinished most of the time.........I was happier when Ian Flynn took over and he does an amazing job over at IDW now!). Those covers by Pat Spaziante were always so amazing. It's also nice to see some of the Archie artists also found a home at IDW's version of the comic, too, like Jamal Peppers and Evan Stanley. Most of my old fan-fiction are set in the comic universe, until near the end of when I stopped writing them, I began to focus on the "Adventure" game universe and beyond. That's why "Determination and Strength" is a precious story to me and I'd hoped to finally re-share with people it after nearly 10 years. :)

          We should definitely do an art swap some time. My notes are set to "friends only" so I'll send you a friends thing and we can chat more about it sometime! :)

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            I admit that I'm bad with names and couldn't name an artist for the comics without looking them up, but I really loved the earlier Archie art, too. The very early art was charming to me, but I also liked when Sally got her own spinoff, though it did get a little bit weird. (She's my favorite, alas she doesn't exist in the games lol). But I got into it in my teens, thought the story was going in a weird direction, fell out of it, and then got upset after coming back I realized that it all got reset. ;o; I understand now why, but am finally at a place where I think I can take the time to enjoy any variation of Sonic as a story. I even was super happy about the new movie and I had tons of doubts. I started re-collecting the comics again as I get the money to buy a few on ebay. I am basically starting from scratch as I lost all mine in a move. ._.

            I added you! :D I'll watch for your message!

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              I've been an avid comic book reader for a long time--and when it's a series I love, I know what artists I like. Tracey Yardley is also one of the well-known Archie Comics artists (mostly known for the "Knuckles" comic), who's now doing stuff at IDW. IDW's gotten some of their talent from other titles working on Sonic, too--like Jack Lawrence, who did most of the art for one of my fave series "Transformers: Lost Light".......he's working on Sonic stuff at IDW now and he'll be working on the upcoming Transformers/My Little Pony crossover. XD So, I remember names of the artists I like.

              It was bold of Archie Comics to take from the old "Sonic" cartoon--they really developed it out a lot. And I liked Penders' stuff..........until he "took over", once he was head writer and editor, I dunno--it felt like he tried to exert far too much control over the book. And everything I've heard of him post-that stuff (the lawsuits and everything, just so he could basically publish fan-fiction and make money on it) has made me like him less and I can't read the "Knuckles" comics in the same way ever again. But Ian Flynn really rose the comic back up from the destruction, it was just sad to the fandom that Penders basically brought Sega down hard on their licensed works with the lawsuits. Sega's exertion of complete creative control at Archie Comics put a stranglehold on a lot of it and I'm sure that's eventually why Archie Comics lost the licensing for it. IDW works hard to dedicate to their licensed works, so the Sonic franchise is in good hands over there, but due to everything that happened at Archie, I doubt we'll ever see the SatAM characters in comics again, so no more Sally or anyone else. I suppose we'll have to rely on fanworks for any of that from now on--fanworks and nostalgia. :)