snom in camp by keirajo

snom in camp


30 December 2019 at 12:53:18 MST

One of my favorite new Pokemon. Because ice and bug equals nifty. :)

There's not a lot of Pokemon I like in the new region, but there are Pokemon I find useful for many things. Yeah, Coalossal has the quadruple damage from water and ground (because fire and rock), but the ability Steam Engine is highly useful because the speed boost is HUGE when it triggers--I've been using it to try and catch a dumb Gigantamax Centiskorch for a few weeks now (it liked to use Heat Wave or the G-Max Scorch attacks). I like the evolution of Snom, too--Frosmoth--it's really pretty.

Of course, this is a Pokemon where you need to have high friendship to evolve it--so, lots of playing at camp. lol

I named mine "Snowflake". :)

Pokemon belongs to Nintendo/GameFreak.

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    Snom is a treat. I named mine "Fwiff" because I like silly names for pokemon haha. You did really good drawing Snowflake <3

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      I come up with my names randomly. It's like what pops into my head when I see the screen with the keyboard. chuckle I mean, I do have a Giratina named "Gingersnap" (ORAS), so it's really dependent on if I'm thinking of food or actual names..........! XD

      Kilo makes fun of me for having many food-named Pokemon, because I really do have a lot of them. I named a whole ton of Eevee in an older game after types of teas. XD

      Thanks so much! :D

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    Protect it. Love it!

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      I shall! :D

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    Snom is cute, but it takes like 10 years to come to you, especially if you play fetch with it xD

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      That’s why you stick with the cat toy! XD

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        There's still the problem of calling it over if it's not close...xD

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          You just have to be patient. Babies need time to learn to walk and talk! XD

          Chewtle is just as slow. XD

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    SO cute! The whole drawing is just beautiful.