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year of sketchbook arts--week 18 by keirajo

year of sketchbook arts--week 18


A pic of Reni from my sketchbook stuff.

Most of the coloring in my sketchbook is Crayola crayon and Twistables colored pencils (which is barely above crayons! XD). Why? Because it turns out that despite being a lovely hardcover sketchbook, the inside paper's too thin for GOOD markers (though I can use water-based ones--just not the alcohol-based art markers) and it seems that good quality colored pencils kind of tear the paper a little bit. Ah well, what can you do?

Delteva species belongs to NikiNazu on FA/Weasyl.

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    love the pose :o

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      Awww.....thanks so much! :D

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    Aw snap, you've made crayons look gorgeous. <3

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      Thanks! I always used to love using crayons. Sometimes they work better than others, but I think you get that when every crayon is “made different”—thanks, mass machine production! XD

      I have an old oversized sketchbook that I did nothing but crayon colored works in and it was super-fun! :D

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        Sounds fair to me! I've been relying on ink pens and colored pencils for the longest time, but been wanting to branch out to other traditional stuff. Might pick up the same Twistables crayons, as I know they have a lot of different colors and they're fun to use~

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          Make sure you keep a test paper with the Twistables colors! Some of the barrel colors aren’t the exact color of the pencil/crayon. I know the shades of blue are all mixed up, at least in the two sets I the light blue barrel is this dark blue-green! laughs

          But they are really great for travel art, because you don’t have to sharpen them and they don’t break easily. :)