flat color series #1: paws by keirajo

flat color series #1: paws


19 February 2017 at 13:23:17 MST

Have some Wabi today. :)

Materials used: cardstock paper, art markers (various brands) and stickers.

Wabi/Despair Dog species belongs to me. :D

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    sticker madness

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      I need to use them somehow! XD

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    This one is my favorite. The paws really pop on the outfit, you can't really tell it's stickers, and the pose is really dynamic and great

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      Awwww...thanks so much! :D

      I had to darken this after I scanned it.............even though on the real paper the black of the stickers blends in with the black of the outfit, oddly the scan lightened the outfit's black. It was really weird. But I had fun with this one, since the stickers were bigger and easier to cut. :)

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    Well drawn! Cute, too!

    BTW, I recently got a copy of "Transformers: War for Cybertron", for my PS3, and I've already beaten the Decepticon campaign. And I've recently made it through two chapters, on the Autobot campaign, so far!

    Speaking of "Transformers"...have you seen any episodes, of "Transformers Animated"? It's actually, got some REALLY well done, and also some silly moments!

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      Thanks! :)

      I can't watch "Transformers Animated".......it's basically "Teen Titans", but with Transformers. It's too silly for me! XD I watched 10 episodes and gave up on it, it was too weird.

      I was lucky to recently find both 3DS "War for Cybertron" games. I had not seen them when they came out, so didn't know they existed. One day I hope to play them.....they had interesting unlockable characters like Hot Rod! :)

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        I understand.

        You mean DS? Either way, I'm just glad, that you like it!

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          Yeah, the DS! XD I'm so used to saying "3DS" anymore I think I automatically say it! lol

          I wasn't a fan of "Teen Titans" either, so it was a bad fit for me and Transformers. I know tons of people who love those series, though--and they were really popular when they were running! I do have the Hot Rod toy from that series' toyline.....because I have to keep my Rodimus collection as complete as possible! heh It's kind of made me leery to see "Robots in Disguise", which is by the same animation company--though that's supposed to be a sequel series to "Transformers: Prime"......I saw 10 minutes of one episode that had Windblade from the comics in it, though--that was a nice addition to a younger kids series. :)

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            I see; thanks for letting me know!

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              You're welcome! :)