Saga of the Second Stringers #7 by keirajo

Saga of the Second Stringers #7


24 September 2016 at 11:39:22 MDT

Episode 7: Weapon Proficiency

So, when you play a Disgaea game...the humanoid job classes (and humanoid main characters) have a wide variety of weapons they can use. But when you look at their stats when you equip weapons, you'll find that each character/job class will have about two top weapons they are most proficient (better stats, etc.) with. You can equip them with anything...........but if they have an "A" next to a weapon-type, they're best at using that particular weapon-type.

For example, Fenrich of "Disgaea 4" is primarily a Fist-weapon user--it's the default weapon he comes with. But looking at his weapon stat screen, you'll find that he also has an "A" next to Axes--which means he can be a pretty awesome Axe-user as well. Whatever you equip a humanoid character with, they'll grow in proficiency with any weapon over time--but they'll grow faster with a weapon-type they're good at.

So................because I want this game to last forever and I'm not ready to take on the final boss and end the game. I reincarnated pretty much everyone and equipped all the humanoid characters with their second-best type of weapon. I find it highly amusing that a Cleric (male Healer) has Spear as his second-best type....................Disgaea Healers tend to have Gun or Bow (a long-range weapon) as their second best-type. chuckle

Disgaea 5 and all characters from the Disgaea universe belong to Nippon Ichi Software. :)

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    This feature was really useful for equipping the "gag" weapons because it'll let you use the special effects of the gag weapons even if you're using your primary weapon. So for example, equipping Seraphina with the bouquet as her secondary weapon gave her an extra bonus to her probability to charm enemies, even if she was using her primary weapon at the time. It's an interesting idea.

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      It also helps for the special weapons with Revenge Booster. I got so many Spears with Revenge Booster, but not many dedicated Spear users on my team. Putting it in the second slot gets the bonus of Revenge Booster, without needing to use the weapon! ;)

      Since I tend to be an up-close fighter.....I tend to create a lot of Fist-users. XD But the thing about Sohei is, I have the Evility equipped that lets him use his RES stat as an attack stat when a Staff is equipped--having the Staff in the other hand also makes him a really hefty damaged dealer with a Spear! chuckle