chibi main characters by keirajo

chibi main characters


6 January 2016 at 07:31:00 MST

The last "Disgaea" game I played was #2...........and Adell became my favorite guy from many video games. I like his design (red, lots of red)...the fact that he punches things (my favorite RPG character type is a brawler, then a sword wielder)............and a tie that pretty much could strangle someone I think, if he thought it use it that way. XD But a tie makes him look dashing, right??? laughs

So chibis of Killia from the new game.............and my fave from "Disgaea 2", Adell. :D

Characters belong to Disgaea/Nippon Ichi Software.

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    Go main characters! I just got all 4 main characters in Disgaea 4 (DLC mostly), and the scene with Mao (D3) was funny because NOBODY liked him--the D4 cast included. I hope Killia is a more likable guy.

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      Killia starts off as aloof and a loner, his past gets revealed, you really empathize more with his situation. But...........! I am only on episode there's more yet to be revealed about him. Now matter how much he says he doesn't want to be with the others........he steps in to help them without thinking twice--so he's got very redeemable qualities! :)

      I was looking on GameFAQs last night, because I wanted to figure out all the job classes in this game...and two writers of walkthroughs say that Adell is one of the best DLC characters. Paired with his stats are his specials and Overload ability...and they said he can defeat pretty much anyone in one hit (or two) except the super-bosses. XD And yet, Adell always gets overlooked as a character.................!

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    They be ready to throw down.

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      They are definitely ready for a tussle! :D