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inktober day #11 by keirajo

inktober day #11


11 October 2015 at 12:26:43 MDT

The elegant Steven. :)

Skarmory is a hard Pokemon to draw............. :\

Steven and Skarmory belong to Pokemon/Nintendo/GameFreak.

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    loooks amaaazing!

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      Yaaaaaay! Thank you so much! :D

      And for faving it too! :)

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    Oooh I like this one!

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      Awwwww...thanks so much! :D

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    Skarmory would be difficult, it's not organic.

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      It is...I added the other lines to represent "shiny" for the look of metal. It has really weird wings, kind of like a fan...but I can't really see how they're connected to the body, so I feel like I didn't draw them too well. chuckle

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        I'm not sure how they do either, some of nintendo's art makes it look like they just hover next to the body. :I

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          That's true...there's never much in the way of views. I tried to look at the PokeDex 3-D entry (where you can rotate the angles), but it just looks like they're not even attached at all--they're just there..... :/

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            Skarmory is weird.

            Have you seen the picture of a "beta raikou"?

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              This is true.....

              No, I haven' it different than the Raikou we all know of?

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                It looks like this:

                I haven't been able to find any good sources or further information other than "beta raikou"
                The art looks like the newer style stuff so I'm not sure.

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                  It has a more "electric" look to it...but I'm not sure about that blue, though. chuckle

                  It definitely looks more cat-like...from what I understand, in Japanese the three are known as the Legendary Dogs (though Raikou does look very cat-like in the form we all know anyways). The American and European releases called them "Legendary Cats"...maybe all three designs were meant to be cat-like to begin with? :)

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                    I dunno, I like calling the "Beasts" then there is no worries about feline or canine.

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                      That's true! :)