Are You Afraid of Fire? by Jyskal (critique requested)

Are You Afraid of Fire? (critique requested)


12 December 2012 at 01:57:33 MST

Because if I were you...I would run.

Joren, you sexy manly closet pyromaniac. Stop trying to scare people by burning entire villages. 8| Staaaahhpppp eeeeeeet.

(IN ALL HONESTY: He wouldn't set fire to entire villages. More like the room his target is in. >->; He's not THAT sadistic. Just likes to play with people. Like a really playful lion...Playing tag. with his teeth. )

OK! So after marking 7-6 pieces of owed work off my list in the last couple days, I find I deserved a little treat. So after going back and forth for 30-40 minutes, on whether I should do personal work, or whether I actually /don't/ deserve some kind of reward after completing my owed work, my friends Rob and Karubi were both so pissed that I wouldn't shut up about it in our skype call, that they yelled at me to just do it.

So I did it.

And my god it felt good.

I recently discovered (LIKE COLUMBUS~!) this gorgeouslovely artist, called Zimzibar. And I found myself entirely inspired from their gorgeous array of beautiful painting-esque designs. (Do check them out, from sheer skill I can guarantee most of you will like them. Things like subject matter, and choice of tones, contrasting colors, etc in their work will make it so I'm willing to bet money that almost all of my own watchers would adore their gallery. )

I discussed with them over things like how I believed them to have an amazingly good sense of taste, in character designs (It seems one of their main characters, and mine here, share a few beautiful features. Which makes me like them SO MUCH more.)

I asked them how they paint, and they were nice enough not only to do an art trade with me, but to do a tutorial with it!

Thus this:\#/d5nvcwa was born. I was so excited, I couldn't hold myself together, and NEEDED to try out the technique she uses in the tutorial.

THIS my dears, is the result. And I must say I learned quite a bit while doing it, more than enough to say that I am extremely happy with this drawing. Not only was the sketch a huge leap and bound forward in areas like the nose, and eyes, but the tips she had in the tutorial really helped me pull together my coloring, and gain a much better perspective on it.

Can I just fangirl for a moment over how Joren actually you know...looks like a MAN?! And has masculine proportions the like of how the world has NEVER SEEN?! Also, for once his nose is how I imagine it. With a flat, ridged look to the front of it.

I used a reference I obtained off of google of Mr. Sexy amazing supermodel here, to help me with the eyes.

I still have a horribly difficult time getting away from my disney meets anime meets contemporary marvel styled eyes. >-<; But I think I made good progress in this one.

Art (c) to Myself.

Joren Kel (c) to Myself.

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