Commission Price Listing by Jyskal

Commission Price Listing


15 December 2012 at 02:22:23 MST

OKSO. Just a few quick notes:

The cost changes depending on if you want a bust or full body.

Payment methods can be discussed, although I will always prefer Paypal.

Every extra character costs 1.25 USD. Drawings have a maximum of 3 characters, but we can figure something out if your commission is specifically for a group line up.

Backgrounds increase the price of the drawing, depending on what you want, and what it's supposed to be.

Everything is an estimate. This means the price will be lower, and higher depending on the specifics of the commission. (For instance, if you request a simple reference sheet, it will be in the range of a flat, or simple drawing.)

Point commissions currently are not available. (For the most part, I have no use for points right now. )

Animation commissions will not be open for a good portion of time. (At least a few months. This is due to needing more confidence in them, and wanting to make sure I have a stable grasp on creating them.

If you order a figurine, it will be made with sculpey, oil based polymer clay, glazed, and painted. You will be paying shipping prices (Meaning if you are not in the US, you will have to pay a customs charge as well. ) This is due to the price being quite reasonable, when considering the price of materials needed to create them.

And finally:

What I will draw:

Animals (Of ALL types. Any species is welcome.)

Anthros, and Furries. (I tend to separate them by anatomy. Anthro being like werewolves, with animalistic builds to their skeleton, and Furry being mainly human skeletons, with animal accents. )

Humanoids (Human characters, and all characters which have discernibly human anatomy, which minor differences in color, and features.)

Some amounts of gore, but most things beyond the PG-13 rating will be denied.

Romance, and couples. I have no problem with MxM, FxF, and FxM. I also don't mind if a character is ambiguous.

I will do pin-ups, and some softcore content. I also have no problems with nudity.

What I will not draw:

At this time, I currently will not do most pornographic content for money. Softcore is accepted, although I make no guarantees. For sexual-based requests, I would like to have ALL of the details up front, to ensure I can respond back to you with a speedy yes, or no.

I will not draw the majority of fetishes. You can ask, but I will not guarantee I'll do it. (A good note here, is that not all fetishes are visually sexual. So if you're confused why I said I would avoid most porn, and might do fetishes, it is because of that. )

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