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Major Changes in O-Town by JWB

Major Changes in O-Town


22 January 2014 at 15:06:18 MST

Man, this is a blast from the past. This has to be an all time record for longest running time to complete a sequence. I started this project in the late winter of 2006, and I sketched up the final frame in early 2013. This was just a bit of a personal project for me to try out, being such a great fan of Rocko's Modern Life back in the day, I figured it might be fun to give the ol' character the full transformation treatment. Well, not quite Rocko in this frame, but after a dozen or so panels, our friend Bert here will begin to look a lot like our Australian friend. Which of course leads us to...

Bert had always been a man of particular taste. Many afternoons and weekends you could see him shuffling through the clothes racks trying to find that one key garment to complete yet another impeccably flawless outfit for his collection. Some days he'd find him traveling to the deepest crevices of the city trying to find that one thing that nobody else could dream of having. And one fateful day, he finally found the king of coveted garments that few would ever imagine actually had a possibility of existing. When he shuffled through the upteenth rack of shirts and tops he'd come across the day, a certain blue tint caught his eye. Carefully separating each garment, he spotted that purple triangle pattern which sent him straight to the deepest parts of his childhood memories. In a huddled eagerness, he yanked the shirt straight off the hanger, to see if his mind had been fooled by a flashy pattern. But no... This was the real thing. The one thing he'd always dreamed of wearing as his own now in his possession. He could barely believe his eyes, as he witnessed such a pure element from his earliest memories sitting in his hands. He'd finally found the ultimate shirt of shirts, yes, it was an entirely complete replica of Rocko's shirt from Rocko's Modern Life. He'd heard that such a garment didn't exist, but here it was, purple triangles and all hanging from his hands. He knew that he couldn't leave this store, until he rightfully owned this garment.

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