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"An Insatiable Cetacean" (vore) by Justin1029

"An Insatiable Cetacean" (vore)


There's been reports of ships going missing or getting lost off the radar. Not much is known, but something seems to be made clear: they were just barely out of sight from the shore, and once they disappear from view, it's gone for good.
But then again, it seemed as though one ship got too close to be part of the mystery. To them, that being is an anthromorphic blue whale named Justin. (Yes, this blue whale's got arms and legs too.) His feet are webbed, with three toes on each foot, with each foot said to cover 80 square metres in size. (That's a big footprint there...) And for this blue whale, his anthro design doesn't have fins or a tail, but that doesn't stop him.
One described the looks as "A blue whale that is mostly black, with dark blue highlights, and a yellow and orange snout." He's still got the baleen teeth like many blue whales (not pictured here), but his insides speak otherwise: blue glowing insides. His three stomachs are wrinkly, and his stomach acid is green and very bubbly, which compliments his blue insides. He also is able to breathe on both land and water: something some ships never get to notice until too late.

At a monstrous 300 meters in length, this whale dwarfs most seafaring vessels. Unfortunately for them, he's quite hungry. He'll emerge from the water and suck your ship into his deep throat. That's the point of no return. No escape.
It'll be a quick trip down his throat and into his first stomach. Here, your boat will be crushed and demolished, before being sent to the second stomach.
There, you'll be swiftly soaked in bubbling digestive acid. How much it hurts depends on how merciful this enormous whale is feeling at the moment.
From there, you'll be sent to the third and final stomach. The wreckage of countless ships rest here, along with those currently undergoing a cruel digestive fate. Here you'll spend a week to decades, slowly digesting. The walls churning and sloshing the caustic sludge. It's a hopeless situation, but one you'll be forced to endure. You'll stew in his ship graveyard of a gut, for as long as he deems fit.
He might transform into a more feral body, just to disguise himself. If you weren't screwed before, then you'd be effectively untraceable.
And he'll forget you ever existed as quickly as he swallowed you.
After having some chatting with TheZDude, the idea of me as a big anthro blue whale came up. So he decided to do the anthro design! Thanks, man!

Full-size version:

Art by TheZDude
Anthro blue whale is of me~