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DETENTION (Animated!) by Justin1029

DETENTION (Animated!)


Check the animation HERE:

This all looks familar, don't you think?
Well, that's because the comic has been animated! And here's the animation done by hadu123, for all those who wanted to see it in action~

Animation credits:
Classroom: Maddoktor2
Stick figures: fbandcc


Anthro Corviknight credits:
Model made by hadu123
Base by UchihaDEMS
Head from The Models Resource
Feet from togepi1125's Falco model

Magnus credits:
Character and model made by hadu123, with parts of the body made by luckygirl88 ( )
His new feet are used from models by jcthornton

Any other credits goes to their perspective owners.
Sounds from the internet
Pokemon belong to Nintendo and the Pokemon Company