Justin the Gryphon by Justin1029

Justin the Gryphon

Justin the gryphon

It was a beautiful summer day in a very distant forest. A troop of knights were marching down the path through the thick forest, to hunt down a mythical beast. A gryphon.

In the kingdom, they had a tradition of taking the new knights on a great hunt for the royal dinner, so that they could test their skills as a warrior.
But a gentleman named Alex wanted to do something else. He did not want to hunt a simple pig. he wanted to catch a mythical beast to be recognized as an important one and earn a place at the round table.

The knight researched ancient legends for months and found a legend that claimed that a gryphon lived in the forest that devoured people: that was just what Alex was looking for. If he defeated the beast, he would earn the king's respect and a place at the round table.

So, Alex gathered his teammates and together they began their search in the forest. What they did not know was that the gryphon was watching them.
The gryphon could feel them entering his territory with their magic. When he detected their presence, he said to himself, "What do we have here? A group of pretentious knights who think they can destroy me? They will not be able to do it." said the gryphon, "Normally, I would not let them enter one step closer to my cave, but the doctor said that I needed to eat primate meat to heal my tummy, and I also need a new template, that the one I have is old and worn~” said the gryphon sadistically, while allowing the humans to enter his domain.

The knights continued walking through the search without finding any sign of the beast. Suddenly, the ground began to shake, and a large hole came out of the ground into which almost everyone fell. One of the altered knights said, "Captain Alex, what is that?!" Alex started laughing and said, "The beast is challenging us." Alex got on a big goose and gave the following message to his comrades, "My compatriots, this is the moment for which we were waiting. We trained for the time, and it lasted precisely to face these types of threats. The gryphon already knows of our presence, so that it is too late to repent and escape. To do so, we must go down to that hole and face the monster. Now who supports me?"

After saying that, the knights yelled a loud "Aye", and leaped towards the hole to face the beast. The knights were falling down the hole for almost 3 minutes, then slammed against the floor of a cave, passing out from the impact. When they regained their consciousness, they found themselves in awe of the immensity of the gryphon’s cave. It was full of wonderful treasures; there were piles of gold next to one wall, in another corner there was a bookcase, and in the center was a coffee table made by hand with an armchair, fit for a king. But when a gentleman approached the coffee table and touched a gold cup, all the humans present in the cave shrunk, due to some strange spell emanating from that cup.

Now the knights were the size of an insect, and the coffee table that had once reached their knees was now the size of a gigantic mountain to them. Alex was terribly upset and could only say in a furious tone, "Alright, you greedy brats, which one of you was the one who grabbed the cursed object?" At that moment, everyone was scared, not because of Alex's anger, but because they heard loud thunderous footsteps that shook the floor and scared the micro knights.

Then a shadow rose over the micro humans. Scared, they all looked back and before their eyes saw the mystical creature they were looking for:
The famous gryphon was anthropomorphic, which meant that he walked on 2 legs. The gryphon had beautiful silver feathers around his body, while on his belly and ears, he had black hair that gave him an incredible elegance, and his legs from the knees down he wore very robust and strong yellow eagle legs with 4 lion's toes instead of claws, which made them look sensual and delicious. As he approached them, he wore shorts, and a white beach shirt with flowers. "Hello humans, my name is Justin," said the giant gryphon through its beak.

Alex was not intimidated by the gryphon’s arrogant smile and said in a threatening tone, "I am I am Sir Alex, next royal guard of the round table, and I and my companions came to kill you and cook you for dinner for the king." The gryphon just laughed at the stupidity of the human and said in a mocking tone, "Easy now, brother, you can't eat me because my meat is bad for you because of my lion parts, and I must remind you that you are in my little cave."

Alex was upset by the comment that came out of the giant’s mouth, so he said furiously, "Well, we'll cut your chicken legs, and we'll eat them with sauce!" With an evil laugh, the gryphon said, "How do you like my chicken feet? Eh? Well, let me give them to you~” At that moment, the giant gryphon raised his left leg over the group of miniature knights, and the remaining 4-toed foot rose above the bugs, and the image of what would happen in that moment caused the frightened knights to start running in all directions to avoid being crushed under the massive foot.

The gryphon’s foot landed on a few gentlemen, while the rest escaped from the massive sole. Before that, the gryphon said "Well, well, well, what do you want to play with, eh? It's fine by me~" The Griffin raised his other paw and stood on top of another group of micro gentlemen and quickly put it down, crushing them on the spot. The knights did not die at that time because their armor protected them, but even so the pain was unbearable. The only thing they could do was cry and squirm under the sole of 4 of two of the toes. Above, those twists massaged the sole of the great gryphon, wo he decided to move his foot from side to side to make sure that the micros were well attached to his sole, and that they twisted more and continued with the massage that he liked so much.

"Well, here we have the first losers, let's see who loses the most…", said the gryphon sadistically. With his eagle vision he was able to identify another group of micro-humans that was trying to escape, so he quickly raised his right foot again and the knights froze up admiring the horrible scene of their compatriots embedded in the gryphon sole, so they began to run faster so as not to be crushed, but it was too late, and the foot plastered them. They did not die thanks to armor, but simply the pain made them want to die.

"Heavens, they are bad players, only that gives a group of you~" said the gryphon in a mocking way. In that group were Alex and his closest friends. It seemed that they were going to be able to escape, but the gryphon snapped his fingers, and everyone froze like time stood still. Alex said with an insecure tone, "It's not fair, it's not fair!" The gryphon only said the following, "What's up my friend? I thought you wanted to try my chicken legs with sauce, just let me serve you! HAHAHA!" After saying that, the gryphon’s eagle-like legs crushed the group under his left sole, and said "Although, I must clarify that they are not chicken, they are eagle. Plus, it is that chicken meat which is very expensive nowadays~” After that the giant only laughed and began to carve his foot against the floor of his cave with malice.

"Well, I think I already caught everyone under my sole" said the gryphon. "I think I'll walk to my chair and sit down for a while…"

After saying that, the gryphon named Justin walked step by step until he reached his chair; the knights were still glued to his sole, with each step a loud roar was heard in the cave, which showed that the beast was trying to torture these invaders as much as possible with each stomp. The impact of each footfall was so strong that the knights' armor began to crack and some even vomited blood, but they were still alive, probably thanks to the gryphon’s magic.

In the end, the beast reached his chair and sat down, then he raised his feet on his coffee table and said: “Well, today was a long day. What do you think if you drink something to cool off, my dear guests, like the sweat on my soles? At the end of the day, I heard that the salty sweat gave the legs a good taste, hehehe~" After saying that, the humans began to lick the sole of their captor, for fear of reprisals that the gigantic monster might take. The 4-toed paw was disgusting; it was full of garbage dirt from the floor of the cave, but even so, everyone including Alex had to lick the garbage to please their new master, they were still stuck so they could not move their place, only just being able to move their head side to side and lick. It was disgusting and the odd person wanted to throw up, but they could not do it thanks to the Griffin's magic.

The gryphon was enjoying how the gentlemen licked his soles; their rough little tongues were starting to tickle him, so much so that he started to wiggle his toes in all directions for the tickle, that created several folds and wrinkles throughout the sole that trapped and suffocated the micro-humans, forcing them to smell the musk of the soles and see the sweat whether they wanted to or not.

When the humans started to get tired of licking the gryphon’s sole, Alex could only think, "Damn, this is disgusting, and this was because I had to say that I would eat his legs with sauce…!" Meanwhile, his companions were not having a good time, they were drying out their mouths from so much licking, so they could only cry because of how powerless they were. Justin the gryphon began to notice the lack of tickling on his sole, so he settled into a special position that allowed him to bring his soles to his face. "What's wrong? You humans are already filled?", said the gryphon in a mocking tone. One of the gentlemen answered him a loud sad cry with the following phrase, "I'm done, I can't take it anymore, please let me go, I want to go home, I just want to go home…" said the poor man tired of everything this beast forced him through.

"Very good friends, you can leave when I finish eating…~" said the gryphon. All the knights began to smile while they began to cry with joy; they were going to leave this horrible cave soon and return home, they thought, but that joy disappeared when the beast came down his beak towards his sole and then stick his tongue out and start licking his own sole as if it were a paddle. The humans began to understand what was happening, they were going to be eaten alive, so they began to scream with terror phrases like "No, stop", but it was useless. With each lick more and more humans got stuck to the monster's tongue. Thanks to his eagle vision, he made sure not to leave a single human on his sole. Once all the humans were glued to the gryphon’s tongue. The beast returned its tongue to its mouth with all of them glued together and screaming in fear for the fate that awaited them. The gryphon began to chew all the knights that were in its beak. The knights tried to avoid their fate, but it was useless. The monster moved its tongue, clearly savoring the taste of humans, which prevented them from maintaining balance and fight. It was only a matter of time before his teeth crushed every human in their beak, creating a slimy mass of meat that he then swallowed satisfactorily.

Alex was furious. "Damnit, you said you would let us go!" said the furious knight, to which the gryphon replied, "That's right Alex, I said I would let them go," said the monster, "But to my stomach!" said the beast while laughing sadistically.
By this point Alex was paralyzed with fear: he could only see his friends and loved ones being licked from the sole, to be brought to the beak to be chewed and then swallowed.

Alex was devastated, he was the only one who was still glued to the sole of the gryphon. He could only cry of how powerless he was, since because of him, all his compatriots and loved ones died from his delusions of grandeur and his desire to be a knight of the round table.

"Well, you won…" said Alex, devastated. "Finish the job and end my life," said the gentleman with tears in his eyes.
"I will not do it my friend, I have another purpose for you", said the gryphon so Alex responded angrily with tears in his eyes a strong "Oh! THANK YOU!".

The gryphon then said "Don't act like he didn't know, you were the gentleman who said he would eat my legs with sauce, that means you enjoy them.", Alex only replied "It's not true, kill me now…", the monster returned to talk, “Now you will be the insole of my sandals~”, then the gryphon shows him a worn sandal with a small hole in the middle. “This is my favorite sandal, and as you can see it has a hole in the middle, clearly your body fits perfectly there." The gryphon took Alex off his sole, and then proceeded to put the hole in the sandal; Alex's body filled the space to perfection, to this the gentleman replied "Wait, no, have mercy on me!", but the gryphon ignored his pleas, and with a snap of his fingers, he closed his insole’s mouth to later put the sandal on his foot, and go for a walk with the micro gentleman under his foot.
"What can I tell you? You will have to be my insole for a long while. Besides, I walk a bit to digest the food well~" said gryphon Justin, as he headed towards a flower-filled path in his large forest.

The end.

Justin the Gryphon


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So, this is a story request that Yalin did, and I'm quite glad he did so!

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Story by Yalin, fixed by me
Gryphon is of me~

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