On a Strange World by Justin1029

On a Strange World

You push through the strange foliage around you. The blue leaves and glowing buds warn you of a strange and unfamiliar environment. How you got here, or even what "here" is... It's impossible to tell. You simply woke here a few hours ago, and ever since you've just been stumbling about, crawling through this jungle-like nightmare in an attempt to find a way out. But, just stumbling about was hardly getting you anywhere. You felt like you kept passing by the same Technicolor mushroom pile again and again. Maybe you were just circling a large tree. It would explain all the pinkish roots you were stumbling over.

It would also explain why everything seemed so big around you. Truly, even the smallest of flowers were as big as you. You keep pushing forwards though, shoving anything in your way to the side. However, it often leaves blooms thwacking you back in the face as you try to step past them. "They say to stop and smell the roses... But really?!" The pollen on the flower leaves you with a faint cough and tears in your eyes. With your vision a bit blurred, it was hard to tell that you were stumbling into a small clearing until you were actually stumbling down into it. Skidding down a slick branch till you were tumbling and rolling through the dirt.

You rub over your back as you slowly stand up, a tired groan escaping once you do manage to get back up. "I hate this place..." You mutter under your breath, hardly aware of the large, blue, and veiny plant increasingly looming over you. "Yeah, me too. It's like, come on. Give me some more rain, some sunshine at least!"

You pause; a strange, flowy voice washing over you. Left. Right. Forwards and behind. You look all around, but see no one who could have spoken to you. "I mean, I guess they were right about moving to the jungle. All the plants go there, you just kinda... There's no sense of community! Every flower is out for themselves, you know?" A chill runs through your blood. Slowly you glance upwards, and you see it. The large plant looming over you. It has a thick stalk that rises from an almost meaty looking bulb, a mess of countless leaves that rises around from the bulb, and a thick, rounded head that splits apart into two dark green lips. And above those lips? Two almost glowing white eyes.

"Sup. Name's Justin." You hum, slowly shaking your head in disbelief. "H-hi Justin..." you barely mumble out. "Though I must say, there are a lot of opportunities here. Sure, the big jungle can be a bit monotonous, but... You know, this is where the action happens! And... Like, well I get to meet people like you!" In a silent and still jungle, the only things that are moving are this strange talking plant and you, nodding your head in confusion. "But, you know what they say..." You simply shake your head. "Man, you don't? Ah, shame... Anyways. They say the jungle is a plant eat plant world... So..."

Suddenly, the titanic flower chomps down at you. It moves quickly, as quick as a cheetah. You only had a split second to hear the writhing of its many arm-like leaves and its stalk before its jaws close down around you. Large, fibrous teeth like things quickly lock the world off from behind you, and a slimy appendage that you can only call a tongue begins to squish and swivel you against the roof of this flower's mouth. It slathers and wriggles against you, swishing your flavors all over it. You can barely push against the tongue; it is so much larger than you, so slick... All you manage to is to writhe against it. You can hardly even bleat out a "Let me out!" before the tongue begins to slide you backward, towards the dark abyss that was the plant's throat. "H-hey, stop this!" You cry out, trying to claw into something, anything around you. Yet, nothing inside the plant's mouth can stop you from sinking down into the throat.

Down, down, down you sink. Into the strange, almost rubbery throat of this mysterious plant. Surely sinking down to the rounded base the flower had. It is only a matter of moments before you are spat out of the tube and plopped into the proverbial belly of the beast. It is here that you know you'll be digested by the plant. Of course, you try to feel for a way out. Of course, you feel, claw, and kick about in protest. But, nothing seems to offer you an escape. You simply begin to digest, fading into a deceptively peaceful slumber.

The most surprising thing about this sleep is the fact that you awake.

It's hard to tell how much time has passed when you open your eyes. You can see the sun; earlier the plants had blocked it... But the twin green stars rage brightly above you. "Where am I...?" You groan out hoarsely as you smack an arm over your eyes.

"Well hell, you're with me!" You recognize that voice. And here you were thinking that must have just been a strange nightmare you had. Pealing your arm off of your eyes you glance upwards; staring down at you is something strangely familiarly and familiarly strange. The same blue head, same green lips, and same white eyes stare down at you. But the plant was no longer rooted to the ground, nor had a mess of leaves at its side. Instead, an almost sharp-looking creature stands above you.

STANDS above you.

A tangle of vines, and a few stray leaves, have been woven together to form distinctive arms and legs. The creature's green lips curl upwards into a smirk. Slowly, Justin raises one of his feet, setting a foot down on your lower half, holding you in place. "Surprise! You're ok! Well... You're ok now. I did eat you, but I'm no monster man!" Quite frankly, you're confused. It must have shown as well because Justin just chuckles. "I'm a hungry plant, I need to eat. Now... Anyways... You seem a little lost buddy... Want me to help you find your home?"

You pause in thought, glancing between the green suns, the almost turquoise jungle around you, and the plant man smirking over you. "Yeah... Sure." You breathe out. "What's the worst that could happen after all?" The plant just chuckles again, plucking you out from under its foot and placing you on its shoulders. "That's the spirit!" You can almost feel its smirk as it begins to stumble off through the jungle with you. Well, you might as well get comfy on the plant; it is rather soft after all.

On a Strange World


6 September 2020 at 19:57:26 MDT

Here's an interesting story made by Relius of my plant! He really went preet good on this one!

Story by Relius
Plant is of me~
Original: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/38069133/

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