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Lubo Chapter 20 Page 26 by JomoOval

Lubo Chapter 20 Page 26


6 January 2020 at 12:45:00 MST

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This page marks the sorta unofficial "Part 1" of Chapter 20. I feel this would be a great way to cut things off it there I were to split the chapter into 2 parts. Regardless, I'm counting the remainder of this chapter as part of the chapter as well, mostly to keep each volume the same chapter count. This is the finale of volume 2, so I'm okay with this chapter being over 50 pages. I'm just going to make chapters as long as they need to be from now on.

In the final panel, I almost didn't have Orhan speak and let Shoro do all the talking. However, I decided to give him his dialogue to remind the reader that Lopu is currently going up to fight him, since he's not on this page.

This isn't the first time Dark Powers have been named dropped before. The other times were in chapter 16. There's a lot more to unpack here in the dialogue on this page, but I'm not going to talk about it and will let the reader speculate for now. The next page will be expository anyway.

Batuu: Whoa, we get to see Dark Powers in action now? :3c

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