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14 September 2016 at 20:10:42 MDT

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    While I am unilaterally and universally opposed to these "closed species" things, I will offer my helpful words of warning to you as well, as I would not wish the horrible fate that others have recently suffered on anyone:

    Beware of Nintendo! They have started to attack ordinary fan artists! They already filed DMCA takedown notices to various fan artists on Tumblr! It is only a matter of time until they find Weasyl, DeviantArt, and others! Please spread the word- the world needs to know of the unspeakable acts of anti-fan copyright holders!

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      It's horrible.

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        Thank you for reading my message- as a former Pokemon fan artist, it means a lot to me. I'm off to make sure the others are aware of what's going on.

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          You are doing the right thing.

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            Glad to hear someone thinks so. I've gathered a bit more information, which I hope could be useful: Tumblr seems to be Nintendo's main target right now. They also appear to take particular interest in going after commissions.

            Little does Nintendo know, however, I have been watching them for the past 6 years, waiting for something like this to finally happen- and I have identified a pattern.

            The pattern is when they strike the hardest- it seems during the summer months, Nintendo's hand becomes particularly heavy; mostly in late August/early September. Last year, at the end of August around the 28th (I'll have to check the date on the lawsuit), they actually sued a poor guy throwing a Pokemon-themed party before PAX West. This year, around the same time (I have found a document dated September 2nd), they went on a spree of taking down fan games (exactly 562 of them) from GameJolt, as well as a fan-made Metroid 2 remake elsewhere shortly prior. I believe the person to be behind these recent attacks is a man named Brian Spiffen, an intellectual property lawyer representing Nintendo. I have also found an interesting email address regarding these attacks: notice(at) (I have no idea who or what gets mail there; I only know it is connected to these recent takedowns). Also, Nintendo took down a fan-made Super Mario 64 HD remake a bit prior to suing that Pokemon fan who threw a party last year. In 2010, they sent DMCA notices to Pokemon fan sites that covered Pokemon Black and White news in (I believe) early September. The pattern is rather clear- it is a pattern of time.

            Another interesting piece of information is that they have or did have a process to select which fan works they destroy. I have found some information from a Reddit user whose Pokemon fan game was taken down. The user claimed that the lawyer mentioned a "selection process," but the most the user knows is that it is confidential. I'll probably look into some fan games taken down by Nintendo to look for similarities, to gain insight into what this selection process could be.

            Keep steady, and keep strong- this is only going to get worse.

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              My mistake, the man who may behind these attacks name is Brian Sniffen, not Spiffen.