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I would only describe myself as an extremely hyperactive furry artist who is persistently high on memes.

Most people online refer to me as just Mk (pronounced "em-kay"), mostly on Discord where the bulk of the people on the Internet who know me happen to know me from. Quite honestly, I don't blame them; no one wants to memorize, decipher, and pronounce "MkLXIV." I'm no professional artist, which in contrast to most artists on art sites nowadays, is why I'm here; I need feedback on my work as I live in quite an isolated area with no other furries for a fair distance. My primary art goal right now is just Git Gud.
I primarily draw Pokemon for now, but I will likely draw other things as well in the future when I feel I'm more artistically capable. I currently don't accept payment for my work; I need practice more than anything right now, and I also don't want art to become all about money for me. Maybe when I hone my skills much further I will, but that's still a firm "maybe."

Professionally, I... Well, I don't have a career yet; but I'm currently working on a Bachelor's degree in Game and Simulation Programming- so, basically I wanna be a game developer and/or a software developer. So maybe I'll eventually make some kinda furry game on my own time for y'all to play.

I do have hobbies other than drawing and artsy stuff, you know. I enjoy playing fighting games, though I have ironically never played any of the Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat series. If you wanna play DBFZ or something with me, a link to my Steam should be here. I also like tampering with technology, but that's kinda hard to do with someone through the Internet.

Last remark: I generally don't mind people doing things with my artwork, you don't need to ask me for permission or whatever. Just be civil and give credit where it's due in contexts where that would matter- like, you don't need to put my username and a link to my profile in, for example, lewd chat on Discord, because that's kinda fucking pointless. If you're unsure for whatever reason, just DM me or something- I don't typically bite, nor am I picky.



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Doing Request-Type Things For Practice

on 27 November 2018 at 12:07:05 MST

I'm on a particular Pokemon-themed Discord server and a few people wanted me to draw them a few Pokemon, so I thought I'd take up a few requests for people who want me to draw some of their favorite Pokemon here as well, as long as I like the idea and can motivate myself to do it. I'm trying to do them sequentially, as to say I start on one piece after I'm done with the previous. I will indeed do NSFW stuff. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Currently, I'm planning to do a total of 4 or 5, so here's each request-thing I got along with the progress on each:

  1. The aforementioned Discord server's admin's Flareon (NSFW, male): Final sketch done, moving on to linework shortly.
  2. Ampharos (NSFW, female): Request submitted; working on completing prior request.
  3. Open slot
  4. Open slot
  5. Possibly open slot?

If you're not sure if I'll do some specific thing, just ask; I should be fairly quick to respond.

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    Yooo whats sup fam, you should post more of your cute art (´・ω・`)

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      I really should- but I have to make more first. :B I've been trying to brush up on my drawing skills, especially digital. I will try making something today, I guess. ;P

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        cant wait too see more ・ω・