Pet Teacher: 03 by Jinash

Pet Teacher: 03


4 June 2015 at 10:40:40 MDT

This is a collab comic between me and Ritts!!! He will be sketching the pages and helping me with formatting / dialogue / etc and I will be doing everything else :D He's helping me til I can get on my own feet doing comics!

This is a M/F 20 page size play comic featuring a huge chubby hunk hyena girl "convincing" her teacher, a tiny whimpering doberman dog guy she finds irresistible, to continue the fun they had before classes let out for Spring Break! Also contains light bondage!!!

This is a publicly funded comic, I don't have interest personally in starting a patreon or anything ever, but I still have money needs and this is a big project that I think a lot of people might enjoy! I'm asking $50 per page, anything extra will roll over to the next page, and anything after that would be sincerely appreciated. We could really use the funds!! Please note me for my paypal with the amount and I'll send you an invoice and my gratitude <33
We currently have page 5 out of 20 covered! Please consider sending some support our way if you're interested in seeing this comic finished!

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    Yes. So very yes. ❤

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    I love the different angles of her head. I know how hard it can be when doing comic things to not draw simple profile views of faces. You're nailing this!

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    She must be hungry? X3