4th of July Shishoodle Auction - CLOSED by Jifi-Dawg

4th of July Shishoodle Auction - CLOSED


5 July 2017 at 16:49:00 MDT

I wasn't actually going to draw anything today, but then I got the idea to see if there's actually July 4th themed sushi and there is?? I was so tickled I decided to make a shish after all xDD This kiddo has dyed rice, star fruit, and caviar for their heart, and crab with sliced star fruit and crab for their tail!

Gonna auction this kiddo, since I don't normally celebrate many holidays ;v;

Please don't change the species.
Do no claim the species as your own.
You can change minor things about the design, but please ask me first ;v;
You can trade/gift/resell them, but please don't resell for more than you paid!
If you trade/gift/resell please tell me!

Auction going on here: http://jifi-dawg.deviantart.com/art/4th-of-July-Shishoodle-Auction-OPEN-690536510

Shishoodles: http://shishoodle-bar.deviantart.com/