Lion/Wildebeest Tailhead Adopt - CLOSED by Jifi-Dawg

Lion/Wildebeest Tailhead Adopt - CLOSED


12 January 2018 at 01:31:12 MST

This fella has been rattling around in my brain for like a month now, but I doubt I'd use him so I'm gonna see if I can find him a home instead ;v;

Once bought you can do what you'd like: give them accessories, gender, backstory, tweak the design, change the species, whatever.
However I do have a few rules:

  • Do NOT claim that you made the design!
  • Do NOT claim the art as your own!
  • Do NOT edit this art in any way!
  • If you're going to reupload it to toyhouse or something please credit me!
  • If you change the design, please make sure the original design is still clearly recognizable!

Bought by Rousumouse

Art and design by me