Owl (2014) by jiasaykea

Owl (2014)


13 April 2017 at 23:37:19 MDT

Part of the Sky Above Earth Below Oracle Deck I created in 2014. Mixed Media

Owl (Omens, Wisdom)
Owl observes the night time world. Owls are nocturnal birds of prey with specialized feathers for silent flight. The large binocular eyes of an owl give them exceptional sight; especially farsighted vision. It was these large human-like eyes which likely gave rise to owl being seen as wise. Owls have excellent hearing as well. Their ears are asymmetric in nature, which allows a greater ability to pinpoint where sounds are coming from. Many owl species also use camouflage to blend into their surroundings. Owls use these advantages to hunt small mammals, large insects, and other birds. Swallowing their food whole, owls will regurgitate the parts which are inedible, such as bones and fur, as pellets. A widely distributed species, owls live on every continent except for Antarctica. Because their eyes are fixed, owls also have the ability to rotate their heads as much as 270 degrees. This gives them good depth perception, especially in low light.

Among many cultures owl is seen as a carrier of omens. Many Native American tribes thought of the owl as being a symbol for deception, with the ability to see hidden things. They called owl Night Eagle. In some tribes, such as the Hopi, owls were associated with sorcery and evil deeds. The Aztecs and Mayans both saw owl as a symbol of death and destruction. This belief is still held by some African tribes today, who also see owl as a destructive force. Arab mythology also saw owls as bringers of omens; particularly bad omens. Greek culture, however, venerated the owl as a symbol of Athena, the goddess of wisdom. Celtic tradition also sees the owl as a source of wisdom and sometimes imbues owl with the gift of clairvoyance.

When owl observes you from a reading there may be a deeper wisdom for you to discover. Have you failed to see (or hear) a message? Are you using your wisdom in the best way possible? What omens are on the horizon? As a nocturnal animal owl is linked to the moon.

Astrology- (Native Nov 23- Dec 21) This Native sign is mutable, like the wind. Owl is however, warm, even charming. Adventure loving Owl will engage in life at full speed. This tendency can make Owl reckless, careless, and thoughtless. Owl may also need to be wary of overindulgence. Their adaptability and versatility make owls able to excel at almost every career, though they do best as teachers and artists. Sensitive Owl is an attentive listener and has an enthusiasm for life that can prove to be infectious.

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Knowledge, Awakening, Change, Deception, Vision

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